Small Shop Saturday + a Discount Code!

Happy Saturday!  I hope you guys got to sleep in today because I sure didn't!  We took Emily to see Disney On Ice last night and she didn't even go to bed until almost 11:00 pm but STILL was awake at 6:00 am this morning, ugh!  Send help!

Anyway, I really want to share one of my favorite small shop brands with you guys today, Highland Hardware!  If you haven't heard of these guys you're SO missing out. 

A Little Valentine's Day Outfit Inspiration!

Valentine's Day is almost heeeeeere!  I know some people despise this "holiday" but I love it.  Last year was so sweet having both my kiddos smother each other with kisses (because that's what I told them Valentine's Day was all about, haha) and I'm sure it'll be the same way this year.  

10 Things I Can't Live Without

Faith;  For me, faith is not about needing proof of something but rather believing in what you feel and know in your heart.  I know God is there and I can call on him whenever I need to.  I know that if things aren't the best right now, that God has a bigger plan and a purpose for me.

Things You Actually Don't Need For Baby

First off, LOOK at my sweet baby girl right after she was born almost four years ago!  I'm dying! 

When we found out we were pregnant with Emily we went through the whole "gotta have every single thing" phase.  We had to have everything and believed all they hype about how every product was going to make our lives easier.  The truth was that all these things just took up extra space and made our house feel cluttered.  So here are some things I know new parents can live without

What Does A Stay At Home Mom Do All Day?

So what does a stay at home mom do all day?  There definitely is no one size fits all in this category.  Everyone's life and lifestyles are different.  I wanted to document through photography what my day as a stay at home mom looks like from the time the babies wake up just until Daddy comes home at 4:00 pm.  I feel like there's a misconception that parents who stay home with their children sit them in front of the television all day and that's it.  I'm sure there are some that do that, but not me.  Here's a look at 8-9 hours of my day... 

Our December 2017 Recap In Photos

Each year thatgoies by with the babies getting older it seems like the holiday season gets more and more fun.  Emily knows what Christmas means a little bit now so she’s super excited to celebrate Jesus.  We’ve loved going to church every week, the babies love the social interaction plus one of Emily’s bffs go there too!  We had so much fun with our friends at the zoo, play dates, and so many other fun this this month.

Week 1: Documentary Photography Series

Each week this year one of my resolutions is to photograph our life without any posing, no cleaning up the floors, or toys, or messy faces.  Just to document the way things are at this moment.  This week was our after nap time happenings.  Lots of running around, snacks, giggles, screams, and love.   

10 Things To Be Happy About

Having a healthy family is sort of a no brainer to be something you’re happy for, but we tend to forget to be happy about that until someone is sick!   

Ok, so let’s talk sheets.  It might sound like something so normal and everyday but come awesome is it to jump in bed at the end of your long day to the smell of super clean sheets?!  It’s like heaven, right? 

The Day Before!

Here we are, the day before Christmas!  I really have never been so excited knowing Emily is old enough to realize what’s going on now.  Brody follows whatever Emily does so if she’s screaming he will be too, that’s ok with me.

Get In The Frame

One of the most asked questions I get is about my husband.  Specifically if he is always taking photos of me and the babies.  NOPE!  This past year I tried to make it more of a priority for me to be in photos with my babies.  I mean, it's super simple to always only take photos of other people, right.  Especially kids, who are always so adorable and never need to "get ready". 

Time To Slow Down

Can you friggin’ believe it’s only 4 days until Christmas?!  I can’t, and not to mention that our celebrations start the 23rd with family so... WHOOP WHOOP!

Very recently, like last month recent, I started going to church.  I can’t explain how much this has been helping my life.  The first service I went to felt like the preacher was speaking directly to me. 


Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Today is Daddy’s birthday!  Whoop whoop!  Each year Scott and I would buy gifts for each other on our birthdays and go out to our favorite restaurants and do all that jazz.  Sometimes, like the big 3-0s we’d have parties, too!  We used to sort of never be at home.  Of course once babies come along things change. 

DIY Snowman

It's almost Christmas!  I seriously love this time of the year so much now that I have these amazing little kiddos who find so much joy and happiness from everything going on.  I try to include one craft a day in our house now that the kiddos stay at home with me.  I had most of the pieces needed for this project laying around the house so it was super super inexpensive.

When You Know, You Just Know.

Sometimes it's honestly hard to put into words the amount of love mothers have for their babies.  These smart, amazing, gorgeous, sweet, loving, sometimes annoying little humans have taken over my world and there's no way I'd rather be having my days go by.  I love seeing their love for one another.  It gives me hope that there is still good in the world.  I know I can feel Him coming through in their sweet little souls and I couldn't be happier about it.    

Kids’ Comfy Holiday Style

Okay, so we all know that I love toddler clothing. I mean, duh.  When Emily was around six months old I started getting into this phase where I loved dressing her in clothing that I’d wear.  She looked so grown up way before she should’ve.  I’ve grown to adore having my babies be stylish and comfortable while still maintaining the idea of having a childish wardrobe.  I decided I didn’t want them dressing in things I’d wear but in age appropriate and play worthy clothing!

Christmas At The Zoo

Every year since Emily was born Scott and I have taken Emily to the zoo during the holiday season.  It’s a gorgeous sight to see so many lights all over the zoo surrounding the amazing animals.  Mostly I love seeing these little girls’ reactions and amazement to everything! 


What are you thankful for this holiday season?  I know we all are thankful for something, right, no matter how crappy we think our lives are sometimes.  

I know what I’m most thankful for are these two little humans and their Daddy.  There’s nowhere I’d rather be than right next to them. I know, I know... such a Mom thing to say but I’m so serious.

Winterlights At Newfields

Who loves everything about the holidays?  This mama does!  There's something nostalgic about seeing Christmas lights lit up, twinkling beautifully, and giving so much joy to everyone, right?  I'm so into Christmas this year because Emily actually understands what's going on.  She knows all about Santa and tries to tell Brody about him, it's so sweet.  

My Favorite Holiday Jammies!

Here’s Brody wearing Emily’s last year pajamas and looking so stinking CUTE!  I’ve listed below some of my absolute favorite holiday pajamas, just click the link below to be taken to their site!

Halloween In Indiana

Indiana weather is so crazy.  Last week it was in the 60°s and today it’s a high of 37°, soooooo.  Yeah, thanks a lot, Indiana!  

O’well, I’ve gottwn used to spending time picking out adorable costumes just to have to cover them up with jackets and hats.  At least we had a super fun time with our two sweet babies! 

Happy Halloween!

When I Only Have One Baby

How crazy is it that when you have more than one baby and you’re out and about that it’s total

mayhem?!  Am I right?  I used to think that going out with Emily as a baby was hard work but NO WAY!  Haha!  I know now that I was living in lala land thinking it was hard with just one baby.